We are here to help you figure out how to make your product work for your customers. With a range of services that includes user studies, participant recruiting, design, and project management, we can give you the guidance you need to set your product apart.



We offer fully customizable, state of the art usability testing labs and conference rooms. Our labs have been designed to the highest standards by our usability professionals. Natural light and views of the Pacific Northwest create a comfortable environment for you and your participants. Our facilities can be configured to accommodate all types of user research, including both in-lab and remote usability testing, focus groups, mobile device testing and game testing. Either work with our team of user researchers to run your study, or rent a lab for your own use.

If clients or executives are unable to travel to our facility, the labs are equipped for remote viewing through live streaming of sessions. Likewise, we frequently conduct remote sessions internationally using web conferencing tools. All sessions are recorded for future analysis.

A lab technician is available onsite for setup, operation, and troubleshooting. Clients may also enjoy our complimentary Internet access, cable TV, Keurig coffee and teas, catering, and other drinks and snacks.

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Usability Labs

We offer three onsite usability labs to provide our clients with the highest quality research experience. These facilities include:

  • Comfortable workspaces, with plenty of natural light, designed to accommodate individual evaluation sessions
  • Observation rooms for real-time moderating and client viewing
  • Remotely controlled cameras that can view all areas of the room
  • Desktop PC in the participant room with dual-screen control for easy moderator access
  • Morae™ recording software and webcams to provide picture-in-picture display and recording of both the participant’s screen activity and reactions
  • Time-coded video recording and editing
  • Specialized cameras for handheld devices, paper documents and physical products
  • 60” televisions in observation rooms for comfortable client viewing
  • Live streaming of sessions for remote viewing
  • Onsite lab technician for setup, operation, and troubleshooting

Conference Room

Our conference room offers a flexible room setup ideal for focus groups, game testing, meetings, and presentations. This room features the following amenities:

  • Customizable room arrangements, with a wall of windows and natural lighting
  • A/V equipment and setup
  • Live video streaming of session for remote viewing
  • Onsite lab technician for setup, operation, and troubleshooting